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Accounting firm in Casablanca : how to make the right choice?

01 December 2019

You want to invest in Morocco, or you are already there, and you want to develop your activities? If you have chosen Casablanca, everything suggests that you have made the right choice.

The city of Casablanca, a natural crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and the rest of Africa, is Morocco's leading port area, with 60% of the country's trade. It seems to be a fertile ground for anyone with grand ambitions in Morocco and even beyond. Because, alone, the metropolis is the leading industrial center in the kingdom with more than a third of all establishments. This city represents about 50% of the value-added for a total of 48% of investments.


Thousands of renowned companies and multinationals


In the economic heart of Morocco, there are thousands of local companies as well as many multinationals in all sectors, whether in textiles, agri-food, real estate, construction, the automotive industry, or even raw materials. For companies that operate in the financial world, look no further. The white city is the kingdom's leading commercial center. It accounts for 30% of the banking network and hosts all the head offices of banks and insurance companies.

Besides, Casablanca, with an area of 1600 km2 and four million inhabitants, is proving to be a source of labor and brains with more than 45% of the active population of the country as a whole. The same applies to substantial infrastructure. In this respect, the city's assets are also considerable.


A futuristic city full of opportunities


In perpetual construction work, Casablanca is now full of numerous structuring development projects with high added value and which aim to position the city in the fold of the world's largest metropolises. The tramway, the Marina, the Casa nearshore park..., Are all relevant arguments to say that the economic capital of the kingdom is already planning for the future.


Accounting firm in Casablanca


Casa Finance City, the leading financial center on the African continent, is in itself a considerable asset.


As a real African hub, Casablanca Finance City (CFC), in addition to its attractive tax system, offers support throughout the business process and provides access to a vast community of multinationals operating in nearly fifty countries on the continent. And yet, the list of the city's enormous assets for investors is anything but exhaustive. Because we cannot talk about Casablanca without mentioning its ecosystem articulated around the Regional Investment Centre of the Casablanca-Settat region, if you are looking for special tax status, exchange facilities, and simplified procedures, stop looking. The Regional Investment Centre is the recommended contact for you. But it will still be necessary to find the right accounting firm in Casablanca.


Accounting firm in Casablanca: Soft skills required


You must hire the services of a certified public accountant or an accounting firm in Casablanca, even if you are already an accounting expert with the necessary means to manage your own business on your own. Choosing a certified public accountant or an accounting firm means choosing a professional who knows what is best for your company. The choice is all the more judicious when your accountant already has substantial experience in his field in Casablanca. As an accountant in Casablanca, he will very quickly be able to assist you in the sector where you want to develop your activities. The right accounting firm must be able to share with you the soft skills that are essential in a business in Morocco and avoid harmful practices that could cause damage to your company in Casablanca. As you already know, the accounting management of a company is not a long, quiet river. In particular, it requires a certain level of accounting expertise.


Accounting firm in Casablanca: what missions?


You should also know that the tasks of an accounting firm or certified public accountant are not limited solely to the company's incorporation, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax compliance. Indeed, he should assist you in other steps beyond simple accounting, such as legal and tax advice or management control. What legal form should I choose to create my company in Casablanca? What are the administrative steps to develop my company in the white city? Where can you set up your company in Casablanca? how to get work permits and residence cards for my foreign employees? These are questions that seem simple but, in essence, require real expertise.


Accounting firm in Casablanca: it is also a team of seasoned professionals.


Because in reality, they handle very technical and sensitive tasks on your behalf. Indeed, a chartered accountant will assist you in tax, legal regulation matters, notably with the incorporation of your company or with legal and tax advice throughout the life of your company, as well as assistance in getting formal approvals from the foreign exchange office, for example?

You should also know that choosing an accounting firm or chartered accountant in Casablanca also means choosing a team of experienced professionals who will be able to listen to you to support you in the realization of your project.

In this regard, and as an accounting firm registered with the Chartered Accountants board of Morocco, we will be happy to assist you with your accounting and tax compliance and be sure you make the best choices for the future of your company in Morocco.

Please feel free to get in touch in us should you need a reliable accounting firm in Casablanca.


Starting a business or company in Casablanca: Some useful links


- American Chamber of Commerce of Morocco.

- Regional Investment Centre of the Casablanca-Settat Region.

- Moroccan Investment Development Agency.

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