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04 October 2021

Earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization: this is the description of the acronym EBITDA. This may seem incomprehensible to many of you. If this is the case, you should know that what we are talking a ...

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Balance sheet in Morocco
27 August 2021

A company is not only defined by its name. A company is also distinguished by its balance sheet, which highlights its asset situation at a specific moment, in principle when closing its accounts. In other words, a compa ...

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Share capital in Morocco
10 August 2021

Divided into several shares with equal nominal values, the share capital of an LLC or a PLC corresponds to the total amount of the contributions of goods and money made by the partners in exchange for social rights. The ...

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Home office in Morocco
29 July 2021

After the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 in Morocco, many companies encouraged their employees to switch to home office and perform their duties from home.  This mode of work becomes by necessity more and more used, many a ...

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dismissal morocco procedure
18 July 2021

In Morocco, the law is more or less clear about redundancy. The fact of separating from one or several employees must comply with a strict formalism. Therefore, an employer needs to master all the procedure steps that he ...

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Branch in Morocco
11 July 2021

In Morocco, a branch office is defined as a legal entity registered in the Commercial Register. it is considered as the legal vehicle of another company (either local or foreign), also called the parent company, and has ...

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