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Tax audit in Morocco
07 December 2019

As part of their prerogatives, tax authorities routinely carry out control operations to check the accuracy of companies' tax returns. These operations are carried out either on-site or based on documents provided by the ...

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Social security Morocco
29 September 2019

Social security was implemented in Morocco in the aftermath of independence to create solidarity mechanisms capable of relieving the finances of both the state and the Moroccan citizens from the risks of illness, materni ...

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VAT Morocco
28 September 2019

Our online VAT calculator allows you to calculate quite easily the amount of Moroccan Value-Added Tax and the amounts excluding and including tax.   WidgetWeCount-CalculTva     How to use our VAT calculator: ...

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Minimum wage morocco
08 September 2019

Following the signature in April 2019 of an agreement between the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and three trade unions, it was decided to increase the Minimum Wage (SMIG) by 10% over two years. Th ...

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