Online accounting solution Morocco

Why should you rely on an online accounting service in Morocco?

09 August 2019

Today, everyone uses online tools on a daily basis for a number of professional and personal purposes, from managing your bank account to internet shopping, through to declaring your taxes and social security contributions. Digital technology can simplify processes, speed up access, and expedite procedures that previously took up a lot of time.

Following the IT revolution, which had a dramatic impact on data management and reliability, the internet has opened up many new communication avenues for companies. To survive in this new world, accounting professionals had to adopt the latest tools, allowing them to respond rapidly to the needs of CEOs and business owners.

By combining the long-established values of professionalism and confidentiality with the advantages of new technology, accounting firms can provide users with easier management and immediate access to their accounts and the documents needed for the various requirements of company life.


Advantages of online accounting solutions


We all remember the long days (or long nights) spent poring over documents with your accountant to prepare your balance sheet or put together a bank application.

Today, IT resources and new means of communication have allowed for major changes to accounting practices and optimised access to accounting and financial information. This has allowed CEOs in particular to free up time and focus on their company's core business.

This outsourcing would not have been possible without the development of new security measures to protect the data exchanged. We now use protocols that are just as reliable as the systems used to exchange banking information.

Lastly, online accounting firms have to offer the same professional guarantees as traditional firms, employ qualified staff, and register with the national association of chartered accounts.

In other countries, for example, the cost of an online accountant (20-30% cheaper than a traditional firm) is often stressed as the primary advantage. However, cost should not be used to justify a lack of professionalism or limited services.


Accounting solution Morocco


What are WeCount's advantages?


Doing business in Morocco means being responsive. Assigning your accounts and tax returns to an online firm gives you real-time access, 24/7, to all the information and documents you need to manage your business (dashboards, indicators, balance sheets, income statements, tax returns, etc.).

An electronic safe allows you to safeguard sensitive documents (invoices, quotations, contracts, etc.) and exchange them with the employee in charge of your accounts.

Furthermore, the interactive calendar lets you stay on top of all your deadlines and payment dates, with real-time monitoring of your tax and social security returns.

A dedicated expert can be contacted at any time by telephone, email, chat or even in person.

Every element is designed to simplify the company's accounting management, offering access to accounting and financial information and informed advice.


What services does WeCount offer?


Just like a traditional accounting firm, WeCount provides an engagement letter to each client to lay out their various duties.

Depending on your situation, WeCount can help you to set up your company, draft any legal documents you may need, manage your day-to-day accounts, take care of any tax and social security obligations and put together any financial applications your business requires, such as bank loan requests.

The accountants at WeCount can even analyse the financial aspects and feasibility of a proposed investment (buyouts, equity investments, etc.).

Driven by a desire to simplify accounting management, the creators of WeCount designed an innovative tool to manage the payment and processing of accounting documents, providing financial statements that can be viewed in real time.

Behind all of this powerful technology is an incredible team of men and women making it all possible. Their availability and involvement really set WeCount apart from other accounting firms. The staff at WeCount are motivated by a desire to share their expertise and contribute to their clients’ success.

Karim Hemras

is a CPA and tax advisor. He is the founder of, the accountig firm that helps foreign companies with their accounting, payroll and tax compliance, so that they can grow confidently in Morocco and Africa.

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